Gaiadon Heart

Gaiadon Heart

MelchizedekThe Gaiadon Heart is an amazing and very beautiful experience and I highly recommend it to anyone on the path of Self-Mastery. At the end of each workshop you will have raised your vibration to new levels, experienced many high initiations, received powerful sacred encodings and will have many new tools for your continued journey into the Light.

Each workshop is a powerful journey into Awareness and Mastery and is life changing. They are taught in small groups of between 3 and 6 participants allowing for maximum integration and support.

I facilitate all levels of the Gaiadon Heart and have been working with these beautiful energies since 2000.

So What is the Gaiadon Heart?


So What is the Gaiadon Heart?

What the Masters and Angels Say

From Saranya Zaveri Channel and Originator of The Gaiadon Heart*

"The 33rd Degree initiation is the highest initiation that is attainable by a spiritual adept while in incarnation on earth.

Gaia is the sacred name of the Divine Mother, personified as the New Earth Star that we are co-creating within the third dimension. Gaia exists in the 5th dimension as a brilliant star of great beauty, and peace, and love and joy. As we move towards the culmination of our ascension process, we are ready to awaken the Great Earth Mother, Gaia to her fullest potential and glory. 'Adon' is Adonai, which also means God or Lord of Light in Hebrew.

The mantle of Gaiadon is the highest so far that has been attained by anyone while in incarnation and holds within its name vibration the combined, balanced female-male, Goddess-God vibration.

As the gentle energy is encoded within your cells, you also feel the power of the Ultimate Feminine Essence, the Mother completely balanced with the Ultimate Masculine Essence, the Father within your being.


Gaiadon Heart Module 1A Incorporating the 33rd Degree Infinity Holomatrix of Love


  1. The 33rd Degree Unity Holomatrix of Love
  2. The 33rd Degree Unity Aumkabah of Love
  3. The 33rd Degree Universal Holomatrix of Love
  4. The 33rd Degree Universal Aumkabah of Love
  5. The 33rd Degree Infinity Holomatrix of Love
  6. The 33rd Degree Infinity Aumkabah of Love

Gaiadon Heart Module 1A is the most revolutionary and amazing spiritual initiation into one's awakening into self-mastery, through very refined and powerful light body activation techniques! Here you experience the most wonderful balancing of Divine Goddess (Gaia) and God (Adonai) Energies within your being! This experience shall open your heart as never before, lifting you to complete awareness of who you are and what your purpose is in serving the planet and humanity in their ascension process!

As you are ready to activate your light body, you are introduced for the first time, to the light form of who you really are. Your light body also known as Aumkabah is completely prepared for total spiritual awareness through a deeper understanding of your Holomatrix form of light. As you receive many spiritual gifts and encodements, you not only clear your cellular density but also, transform your physical, mental, emotional and light body, completely elevating you into self-mastery and preparing you for ascension. Your light body becomes a shimmering brilliant 33rd Degree Light Body Matrix that evolves from a single mighty field of light into a beautiful flower of love hologram, containing many small individual holospheres of love.

Our evolution begins from this holomatrix of love, known as the Unity Holomatrix of Love. This amazing structure of light, changes into a 33rd Degree Unity Holomatrix of Love, and then into a 33rd Degree Universal Holomatrix of Love, in the process receiving many sacred encodements.

In this extra-ordinary journey of self-awareness, you explore the deepest potential of your inner consciousness and receive many powerful encodings that take you further into God-consciousness.

As you activate your Unity Aumkabah, your Universal Aumkabah and then your Infinity Aumkabah, you receive:

  • The Celestial Ankh Ankh Heart Activation
  • The Crystaline Unity Aumkabah Activation
  • The Gaiadon Ascension Portal
  • The Universal Aumkabah Activation
  • The Infinity Aumkabah Activation
  • The Pleiadian Initiation
  • Holographic Teleportation and Levitation
  • The Orion Heart Activation
  • The Abundance Activation
  • The Unconditional Love Activation
  • The Qabbalah Activation
  • Psychometry
  • The Quintessence Activations
  • The Gaiadon Infinity Healing
  • The Infinity Qadosh Mantra Initiation
  • The Infinity Gaiatri Mantra Initiation
  • The Planetary Grid Activation
  • The Gaiadon Heart Mastery Initiation
  • The Gaiadon Infinity Healing

And much more...

This unique four day seminar completely prepares your light body for ascension and totally enhances your spiritual potential to assist others in their spiritual path.

You receive a comprehensive 183 page manual and a set of 8 DVDs with full colour 3D animated visuals to take you on an extra-ordinary journey within, of self-discovery. These powerful meditations and techniques not only help you on your awakening into self-mastery, but also give you the tools to assist others in their process of self-awareness. Your Facilitator is one who has received all the encodements and initiations necessary to lift you into the same frequencies as she has spent years in understanding and perfecting the deep wisdom contained within these teachings.

Come, enjoy this transformative journey into your own soul and Re-member the true Light-Being that you are!"*


Further Modules

Further Modules

Module 1B Introducing the Cosmic Spectrogram of Love and the Cosmic Spectrum Aumkabah of Love

"Now you are ready to venture deeper into a new cosmic awareness, where your light body takes on the sacred encodements of the ancient Hindu and Tibetan symbology. Your DNA is activated and transforms into a 33 double-strand DNA matrix that completely illuminates your light body into powerful vehicle of ascension, and assists you to experience the true inner state of self-realization and enlightenment."*


Module 2A Introducing the Galactic Zonagram of Love and the Galactic Zonalight Aumkabah of Love

"The Module II A introduces what is known as the Galactic Zonalight Hologram or Galactic Zonagram. It is an amazing light body structure that takes us deeper into the experience of God Consciousness. The Ultra-Cosmic Zonalight Aumkabah is the new light body that will completely dissolve inter-dimensional barriers and make us zonalight beings! Zonal or time/space dimensional barriers simply do not exist in our consciousness."*


Module 2B Introducing the Gaiadon Ultragram of Love and the Gaiadon Ultra-Light Aumkabah of Love

"As we receive the new energetics that propel you into total self-realization, we are at the same time fulfilling the Divine task of anchoring the Gaiadon Earth Sacred Portal. We shall anchor the Gaiadon Ultra-Light Consciousness Grid around the Earth and merge this with the Cosmic and the Galactic Consciousness Grid! Our Aumkabah turns into the Gaiadon Ultra- Light Aumkabah!

Feel the ultra-light/pulse transform you, beloved ones, and enjoy your co-creative tasks in transforming the Earth into her pristine state of purity, Gaia, the New Earth Star." Enoch, channeled by Saranya Zaveri.*


Module 3A Introducing the Akashic Aumni-versal Aumni-gram of Love and the Akashic Aumni-versal Aumkabah of Love.

"Akashic Aumni-Light is a filtered essence of the Ultra-Light, a profound frequency that is of pure Goddess-God Consciousness. This frequency assists us in attaining our multi-dimensional consciousness and culminates in a total aumni-versal consciousness experience.

"The key to this transformation is in our cellular memory, and as we bring to our conscious awareness, the dormant seed encodements, our Gaiadon Ultra-light Aumkabah transforms into a most brilliant New light body structure known as the Akashic Aumni-Light Aumkabah of Love. The Akashic Aumni-light Aumkabah of Love, is infused with the pure and refined vibrations of Aumni-Light, and is composed of Akashic or Aetheric frequencies. Akasha is the infinite space that occupies all space and no space, and spans the macro-cosm and also the micro-cosm. Akasha exists everywhere in the universe and beyond and also within cells and the space between cells."*


Gaiadon Heart Healing Sessions

Gaiadon Heart Healing Sessions

Gaiadon Heart Healing Sessions are also available for anyone who would like to experience the beautiful energies of the Gaiadon Heart before receiving the teachings or would simply like to receive a powerful healing and clearing on all levels.

* Quotations by Saranya Zaveri Channel and Originator of The Gaiadon Heart. Please see her website for further details see Links Section of this website.


Cost: 333 per workshop - price includes a set of DVDs covering all of the techniques and meditations learned, and a fully comprehensive manual.