About Gayatri Angel-Light

About Gayatri Angel-Light

Gayatri Angel-Light has been working with healing energies since 1999 when she experienced a deep awakening at a soul level to the Truth of Oneness in the Universe and our Divine Nature. Since then she has been on her own continuing journey of Awakening and Transformation.

She is a Reiki Master, a Gaiadon Heart Master and Facilitator and works closely with the Angels and Ascended Masters. She is a channel of Divine Healing and Wisdom and a Guide on the Path of Awakening. She invites you to join her on this path.

What the Masters and Angels Say

What the Masters and Angels Say

Angel-Light HealingGayatri is one of the Highest Healers on the planet at this time. She brings forth the highest vibrations from the Divine and creates a space from which we may work with you. A Celestial space where the energies which we bring are welcomed and amplified, in their purity and their love and their light.

Gayatri is a powerful being who has come from the Light, from the Higher Realms to bring love and healing to you at this time. She has much love in her heart and she wishes to spread it across the world, awakening all souls who come into her light. She is a Blessing and she loves you. Come work with her. She wishes to work with you.




" When I was all talked out with councilors Gayatri took over from where they had left off and gave me a peace that I simply could not get anywhere else. It is like an oasis when you feel there is nowhere else to turn. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone wanting some calm back in their lives."

" Thank you so much for giving me the space to be healed and to find my own inner peace and guidance. Your support has helped me to see different perspectives that are like a breath of fresh air which, coupled with the profound experiences I have had through your healing, are a constant guiding light."

" Gayatri provides a safe, caring and enlightening environment, to support the path of healing and self discovery, through powerful and beautifully gentle life transforming guidance."

" Through my regular sessions with Gayatri I have changed completely and for the better. I feel empowered to continue my own growth and healing."

" Through my sessions with Gayatri I have developed more into myself than I thought possible."

" I feel like I have found my wings and been lovingly encouraged to use them."

" I have really gained Freedom - freedom from my mind and ego, freedom from negativity and freedom to be myself."

" It's very hard to put into words the difference the healing sessions have made to me and what I've got out of them, but I guess the best way to sum it up is that it has totally changed my life! I don't feel the same doubt, fear and confusion that I used to…And I never feel alone anymore."

" You always create a very safe and loving space for me to express what I'm feeling."

" Gaiadon Heart - very loving energy, really opens the heart, very strong…a really lovely experience, and another wonderful tool for self healing."

" There is a place of peace inside me that I never had before, which I know will only grow stronger with time."

" Wow! These sessions are amazing and transformative."

" Gayatri's calm loving manner put me instantly at ease and I found her to be very responsive to my varied needs from session to session."